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Hey Lika Lovers!
Is it just me or does spring seem like it's far away? I usually love Seattles's wind and rain because it gives me a reason to enjoy a hot toddy and take long baths. However, I'm getting so tired of the gloom, and clouds... even right now it's snowing outside. What I'd give for a warm day!
Well, the good news is spring really isn't too far off. Very soon the weather will sort out its mood swings and we'll be breaking out our spring wardrobes.
Here at Lika Love We're so psyched for sunny days that we're stocking up on crave-worthy spring styles. In just a couple weeks we will all be able to leave our umbrellas at home, and trade our cozy jackets for light cardigans. So lets take a look at the spring styles to look forward to. 
  • Floral fantasy

Mother earths favorite spring accessory? Flowers! Why not follow her lead? This season is all about florals. A neutral outfit with a pop of bright floral is gonna make every bit of your day cheery and bright! Another fun floral idea is to mix prints! Gotta a pink floral top? Wear a cream floral cardigan over it! 

  • Date with Denim 

Denim is classic, casual, and let's be honest, it's always there for us when we need it. Let's have some fun with the denim look! It doesn't have to be real denim, jean blue jumpers, and woven cotton tops are lighter and easier to wear. Wear it head to toe, or just rock that classic distressed jacket. Let's show denim some love!

  • Chic shoulders

Let the sun warm your shoulders! Off the shoulder is always a fun look, and with all of the outdoor activities coming up these tops can be such an easy and comfy way to dress up. Honestly, this look is so perfect for us Seattle gals!

These are only a few of the many styles we're carrying for spring! Come check out our versions of these awesome outfits + so much more!!!


As always we love your feedback, so please share what styles you are most excited about!!


Xo Loves


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