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I have dreamt of walking into my dream closet my entire life, my dream closet, of course, would be a walk-in closet, it would be super bright and well lit, color coordinated and organized down to my socks. I would have a special place to showcase my shoes, my amazing handbags, and all my fancy jewelry. This dream closet reminds me of the scene in Sex In The City when Mr. Big surprises Carrie with a dream closet built especially for her Manolo's. We can all dream right?

In the meantime while we are dreaming about our walk in closet let's get back to reality and focus on the closet we have. Is your closet full of pieces that I like to call fluffers? We all have fluffers; an item we hold onto to fill spaces, physically and emotionally. Fluffers are the clothes that we are forever holding onto with the hopes of shedding some unwanted lbs and finally fitting into again, or the pieces that are so outdated but remind us of that one time in life that we love to relive in our mind over and over again. Clothes really hold an emotional attachment for all of us which is why it's so hard to say goodbye to them.

We understand how important it is to have an expert come in and help clean out all of the fluffers and make room for the pieces that give us life, bring us joy, and fit us just the way we are!

I just recently cleaned out my closet and let me tell you being able to see the floor and to know exactly what's in it has been life-changing, I even found some of my fav handbags that were buried underneath all the fluffers. It was truly one of the best things I could've done for myself, not only can I see what's actually in my closet it's so much easier to get ready now because I only kept pieces that fit me comfortably and I enjoy wearing. 


The beauty of having us come in and help you clean out your closet is that you also get expert styling advice, we will also help you fill the spaces we have from getting rid of the fluffers. 

We are running a Valentine's day promotion on our closet cleanouts that is worth every penny. This would be a perfect gift from your honey or you can TREAT yourself, you deserve this. I promise you that you will not only feel better mentally but emotionally as well. 

Head on over to Likalove.com to purchase your cleanout today!


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